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Privacy Policy - NDN-Opp

Privacy Policy - NDN-Opp


COPELABS is specifying and investigating how to extend NDN to be applicable in the context of opportunistic wireless environments.


The NDN framework for Opportunistic Networks (NDN-Opp) is an extension of the Named Data Networking Forwarding Daemon and is being developed aiming to support opportunistic data forwarding based on users’ interests and their dynamic social behavior. This framework is being developed by the R&D unit COPELABS, SITI R&D team in the context of the  H2020 UMOBILE project, where COPELABS is providing opportunistic transmission tools based on social-aware routing, integrated into an NDN testbed.


The security of your personal information is extremely important. NDN-Opp relies on  Wi-Fi Direct for direct data transmission and does not keep any other data.



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