Open Positions

Open Positions



TFCs and MScs are subject to student awards in the context of COPELABS. TFCs can be adapted for MScs - please contact the respective advisor(s).



Trabalhos de Fim de Curso/Undergrad Topics 2017/2018



Title/Título  Descrição Contacto/Contact
Bancada de testes IoT I
IoT Testbed I
 english/portuguese  Rute C Sofia

Bancada de testes IoT II

IoT Testbed II

 english/portuguese  Rute C Sofia

 Plataforma Web para inserção de projectos de I&D

Web platform for R&D project support

  english/portuguese  Rute C Sofia

 Push-model for Named Data Networks

Modelo de Comunicação Push para Redes orientadas a dados

english/portuguese  Paulo Mendes

Mobile sensing para redes orientadas a dados

Mobile Sensing in Named Data networking

english/portuguese Paulo Mendes








Dissertações de Mestrado 2017/2018/Msc Topics



Title/Título  Descrição Contacto/Contact

Comunicação oportunística em redes orientadas a informação

Opportunistic communications in information-centric networking

 english/portuguese  Paulo Mendes

Transmissão de vídeo adaptável em redes orientadas a dados

Mobile adaptive video streaming in named data networking

 english/portuguese  Paulo Mendes

Mobile video conferencing over named data networks

Videoconferência móvel em redes orientadas a dados

  english/portuguese Paulo Mendes

Encaminhamento oportunístico na pilha protocolar NDN

Opportunistic routing in NDN

english/portuguese Rute C. Sofia

Unified Communication in IoT

Comunicação unificada em IoT

english/portuguese Rute C. Sofia

Analysis of LTE platforms with D2D support

Análise de plataformas LTE com suporte para D2D


english/portuguese Rute C. Sofia



Bolsas/Scholarships 2017/2018


Research Grants/Bolsas de Investigação 2017/2018

The SITI R&D group ( of the R&D Unit COPELABS (Lisbon, Portugal, has 3 open positions for Junior Researcher/Researcher (MSc or PhD < 3 years).

For junior researchers, scholarships can be associated with the doctoral programme NEMPS - New Media and Pervasive Systems of University Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, free of tuitions (

The scholarships are for 1 year and associated with the following topics:


- Cyber-physical systems and Unified Communication in IoT

- Pervasive wireless systems

- Cognitive networking/information-centric 5G networking.


Expected start: January-March 2018.

Preferred Skills and Profile:

M.Sc./PhD < 3 years within the fields of computer science, informatics or similar fields

Good experience with programming in UNIX, Android.

Strong skills in programming (java, C++) are a preferential aspect.

Acquaintance with networking systems, packet based networks, embedded systems.


How to apply and/or additional inquiries: please provide: I) application letter (pdf); ii) your CV (pdf); iii) certificates. Information to be sent to

until December 22nd 2017.

– positions will be filled once suitable candidates are found.


Bolsas de Doutoramento/PhD Scholarships

O grupo de I&D SITI, unidade de I&D COPELABS, oferece para o ano letivo 2017/2018 três bolsas de doutoramento no contexto do programa doutoral em Novos Media e Sistemas Ubíquos (NEMPS) da Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, no contexto dos seguintes temas:


The SITI R&D group of the R&D Unit COPELABS offers 5 (instead of the previous 3 announced) PhD scholarships for 2017/2018 in association with the doctoral programme NEMPS - New Media and Pervasive Systems of University Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, associated to the following topics:


- Sistemas Ciberfísicos e comunicação unificada em IoT/Cyber-physical systems and Unified Communication in IoT (contact: Rute Sofia, rute dot sofia at ulusofona dot pt)

- Inferência de comportamento através de sistemas ubíquos sem fios/Behavior inference via pervasive wireless systems (contact: Rute Sofia, rute dot sofia at ulusofona dot pt).

-Cognitive Information-Centric 5G Networks / Redes Cognitivas 5G Orientadas ao Dados (contact: Paulo Mendes, paulo dot mendes at ulusofona dot pt)

-Information-centric Opportunistic Routing / Encaminhamento oportunistico sobre Redes Orientadas aos Dados (paulo dot mendes at ulusofona dot pt)

-Adaptive Multimedia for Mobile Named-Data Networks / Esquemas Multimedia Adaptativos para Redes Móveis Orientadas ao Dados (paulo dot mendes at ulusofona dot pt)








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SITI - Informatics Systems and Technologies Group

SITI w400SITI is focused upon user-centric trends that are emerging in several fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), OSI Layers 2 and 3. As in other grassroots movements, the user will have an active say concerning services provided and consequently, concerning the techno-social environment that surrounds him/her.

CTIP - Technology Intensive Psychology Group

CTIP w400This group is based (i.e. integrated members) on a core of scientifically active researchers from the former CEPCA (Pedro Gamito, Jorge Oliveira, Rodrigo Brito, Paulo Lopes, and Ana Loureiro) 2 more recent PhDs (Cristina Camilo and Bárbara Gonzalez). Note, however, that the CEPCA team (team size, funding and indicators included in 5.) changed substantially since 2008, when it had 8 PhDs (of which only PG remains) and 5 groups. In 2011-13 the team grew to 14 integrated PhDs in 2-3 groups. By 2013, however, it was clear that the bulk of CEPCA output of international level (13 of the 14 indicators in table 5.) was the responsibility of the neurocognitive/cyber therapy-focused group, with only 3 PhD and 2 non-PhD members (PI: PG). The inevitable consolidation of CEPCA around this core group pointed to the desirability of joining forces with an informatics team – SITILABS – to create COPELABS as an interdisciplinary R&D unit (see Description of the R&D unit).

NEMPS PhD Programme

logo nemps smallNEMPS PhD programme - New Media and Pervasive Systems, University Lusófona. Check out the application deadlines and scholarship opportunities!

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