Open Positions

Open Positions


COPELABS-SITI-01-2017 Junior Researcher - UMOBILE project


  • Expected start: May / June 2017
  • Duration: 12 months

The candidate will be involved in the project H2020 UMOBILE ( UMOBILE is an European project (2015-2018) focused on pervasive and data-centric communications.


The candidate will be involved in the investigation of concepts, algorithms, and in the development (specification and implementation) of a data-centric forwarding approach suitable to scenarios with intermittent Internet access.


This research will be conducted in the context of the SITI R&D team. SITI ( is a research group of COPELABS – Association for Research in Cognition and People-centric Computing ( We are a young, exciting and intellectually stimulating R&D unit located within the campus of University Lusófona, Lisboa.


COPELABS is a research unit of University Lusófona, Lisboa, Portugal, focused on the interdisciplinary study of cognitive functioning, social interaction and behaviour inference, to assist the study of networking and information science technology, as well as to support a better use of technology towards society. The ultimate goal of this dual approach is to promote societal well-being.


Preferred Skills and Profile:

  • MSc or PhD (up to 3 years of independent career) within the fields of computer science, informatics or similar fields.
  • Good experience with programming in UNIX, Android (java, C++).
  • Strong skills in programming (java) are a preferential aspect.
  • Acquaintace with named-data networking is a preferential aspect.
  • Acquaintance with networking systems, packet based networks, embedded systems.
  • How to apply and/or additional inquiries: please provide: I) application letter; ii) your CV (pdf); iii) certificates. Information to be sent to until March 31stposition will be immediately filled once an adequate candidate is found.


COPELABS offers:

  • One year scholarship, total of 13250 Euros (Msc)/17000 Euros (PhD), comprising monthly scholarship (isent of taxes) plus support for volunteer social security and insurance against accidents at work (in accordance with the portuguese science foundation - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia - guidelines for scholarships).

  • SITI productivity award indexed to the goals achieved, described in the agreed work plan, of up to 1000 Euros.

  • Possibility to get an yearly COPELABS “Best Researcher” award, in a total of 1000 Euros.

  • Assistance support for relocation, 600 Euros (candidates away from Lisbon, 300km or more)

  • Assistance in looking for lodging.

  • Support concerning all administrative aspects.

  • Possibility to work with international peers, and to visit local companies.

  • Possibility to enroll on the PhD programme NEMPS ( of University Lusofona, null tuition fee, for 2017/2018.


Selection Process

  • How to apply and/or additional inquiries: please provide: I) application letter; ii) your CV (pdf); iii) certificates. Information to be sent to until April 30th – position will be immediately filled once an adequate candidate is found.
  • Your application will be analyzed on a first come first, first served basis. Candidates are evaluated by 2 individual reviewers, based on the following aspects: i) degree level; ii) publications; iii) software skills; iv) knowledge transfer skills; v) project management skills; vi) background in the field; vii) lecturing experience; viii) language skills; ix) equal opportunities (gender and diversity).



Hosting of Students - ON


COPELABS offers hosting to students that are either:

i) enrolled in the doctoral programme New Media and Pervasive Systems, University Lusofona;

ii) willing to visit the unit for a short period of time (3 to 6 months)

iii) wishing to develop his/her dissertation or thesis in association with the unit (advisor or co-advisor is a member of COPELABS).

The support provided by COPELABS is based upon a specific activity plan, to be signed by the unit, respective advisor(s) as well as student. The success indicators achieved are subject to the scientific productivity awards of the unit.



C-BRAIN MeetingsIn 2015/2016, the C-BRAIN (COPELABS BRAINstorming) meetings occur monthly, Tuesdays, 14h00-15h30, COPELABS, room U.0.10, ground floor of Building U, University Lusofona. C-BRAINs are motivated by the interdisciplinary nature of COPELABS, and are intended to assist in creating sinergies and giving rise to new ideas, in contexts where Informatics meets Psychology.


Our up-to-date list of events. Interdisciplinary meetings, workshops, and much more!

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Latest Research

ummOur scientific repository holds the most recent work. COPELABS follows a pre-print open policy.

SITI - Informatics Systems and Technologies Group

SITI w400SITI is focused upon user-centric trends that are emerging in several fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), OSI Layers 2 and 3. As in other grassroots movements, the user will have an active say concerning services provided and consequently, concerning the techno-social environment that surrounds him/her.

CTIP - Technology Intensive Psychology Group

CTIP w400This group is based (i.e. integrated members) on a core of scientifically active researchers from the former CEPCA (Pedro Gamito, Jorge Oliveira, Rodrigo Brito, Paulo Lopes, and Ana Loureiro) 2 more recent PhDs (Cristina Camilo and Bárbara Gonzalez). Note, however, that the CEPCA team (team size, funding and indicators included in 5.) changed substantially since 2008, when it had 8 PhDs (of which only PG remains) and 5 groups. In 2011-13 the team grew to 14 integrated PhDs in 2-3 groups. By 2013, however, it was clear that the bulk of CEPCA output of international level (13 of the 14 indicators in table 5.) was the responsibility of the neurocognitive/cyber therapy-focused group, with only 3 PhD and 2 non-PhD members (PI: PG). The inevitable consolidation of CEPCA around this core group pointed to the desirability of joining forces with an informatics team – SITILABS – to create COPELABS as an interdisciplinary R&D unit (see Description of the R&D unit).

NEMPS PhD Programme

logo nemps smallNEMPS PhD programme - New Media and Pervasive Systems, University Lusófona. Check out the application deadlines and scholarship opportunities!

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