DFS: Dynamic Frequency Sharing - mac80211 patch, 2010-2013 (EU IST FP7 ULOOP Project)

Dynamic Frequency Sharing



Luis Amaral Lopes, Hassan Osman (UniK), Rute C. Sofia, Huseyin Haci and huiling zhu, Dynamic Spectrum Management (DFS) - mac80211 patch, SITI-SW-13-03, 2013


DFS is a software-based mechanism that targets short-range wireless networks where transmission is based on a shared medium (e.g. broadcast) and which rely on OFDM for data transmission. DFS is applicable downstream, from the antenna to the station, and relies on techniques both from OSI Layer 1 and 2 to assist data transmission to multiple stations within a time-frame that based only in OFDM could only serve the purpose of serving a single station.




DFS has been developed as a mac80211 patch for UNIX environments and has been tested successfully on Ubuntu (stations) as well as on OpenWRT (controller).



The Team


DFS has been conceived, validated, and implemented by COPELABS (Rute Sofia and Luis LOpes) and University of Kent (Huseyin Haci, Hassan Osman, Huiling Zhu) in the context of the European project ULOOP - User-centric Wireless Local Loop.




DFS Demo (2012)




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