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Pervasive Wireless Communications

Cognitive and User-centric Networking

Driven by the vision of a pervasive Internet able of supporting emergency autonomic systems, such as autonomous vehicles and satellite constellation networks, as well as providing reliable networking services to aircrafts, to vessels, and to isolated areas, we have seen a paradigm shift leading to the seamlessly merging of wireless communication and mobile computing. The main feature of mobile computing (such as Mobile Edge Computing and Fog Computing) is to push computation tasks, control and storage to the network edges (e.g., base stations and access points) as well as to enable computation-intensive and latency-critical applications in resource-limited wireless devices. On the other hand several new wireless technologies are emerging to access edge/fog computing services while significantly improving latency, reliability and throughput, such as LTE, mmWave, and multi-hop wireless networking.

This line of work concerns with the seamlessly integration of wireless communication and mobile computing aiming to support the operation of autonomous systems with low latency, high throughput and reliable communications. Research focus will be on the area of cooperative autonomous vehicles and long-range communications. Research aspects concerns reliable wireless communications for multi-agent autonomous systems, high throughput cellular communications to aerial vehicles and low latency thought anticipatory communications.



  • Paulo Mendes (PI)
  • Godwyn Asaamoning Anuork, NEMPS PhD Student, Jr researcher
  • Hector Orrillo


Former Team Members



CRAVE: Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles

UMOBILE: Universal, mobile-centric and opportunistic communications architecture (SITI, 2015-2018)










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