UcMC: User-centric Mobile Core (10.2010-09.2011)

COPELABS Coordination: Rute Sofia, Paulo Mendes


The Internet has grown to be a key component of the day-to-day routine in our society. Restricting the use of the Internet to places such as home and office has become a major obstacle to fulfilling the promise of a ubiquitous Internet. The concept of an always-on high-data rate Internet connectivity from mobile handsets introduces the possibility to consider new business models. However, technology around still limits the growth of such models. Such limitations may be mitigated with cooperation between the access network and end-user devices. Central to these aspects is the need to consider single sign-on low-cost, energy-efficient mechanisms capable of supporting, from an access perspective the highly nomadic lifestyle that mobile users today exhibit.




UcMC is a cooperation concerning a framework of activities related to user-centricity from a mobile core perspective, jointly developed by COPELABS and Huawei European Research Center Berlin.








Rute Sofia (Project manager)

Paulo Mendes (Coordinator)

Bruno Batista


COPELABS, University Lusófona/COFAC c.r.l.

Huawei European Research Center Berlin.








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