UCR: User-centric Routing (05.2010-04.2013)

COPELABS Coordination: Paulo Mendes


In user provided networks, forwarding and routing challenges differ from the traditional Internet routing scenarios  due to the fact that end user devices may behave as network nodes and nodes are highly nomadic. Also in user provided  networks, data is exchanged based on individual user interests and expectations, control and management requires de-centralized and distributed solutions and routing may take advantage of user mobility patterns.

The characteristics of user-provided networks require two basic properties: robustness from an end-to-end perspective, and intermittent connectivity support as such the UCR (User-Centric Routing) project will consider recent trends in wireless communications that will be used to develop novel routing metrics, algorithms and protocols for scenarios where information routing and relaying may be provided by end-user devices, and where networking nodes are essentially characterized by having restricted resources and a highly nomadic behaviour.



  • Duration: 2010-2013
  • Principal Investigator: Paulo Mendes
  • Partners: COPELABS/ULHT, University of Coimbra
  • Team: Paulo Mendes, Namusale Chama, Waldir Moreira, Antonio Junior, Rute Sofia




Namusale Chama, Mobility-aware metrics for multihop routing, ns module, COPE-SITI-SW-13-04, 2013

Namusale Chama, Multihop routing metrics - Link Stability approach, ns2 patch, SITI-SW-12-03, 2012

Tauseef Jamal, RelaySpot, extension for OMNET++, SITI-SW-12-04, 2012

Antonio Oliveira Junior, Rute C. Sofia and António Costa, Implementation of energy-aware metrics for AODV and OLSR protocols in NS-2, SITI-SW-11-05, 2011

Antonio Oliveira Junior, Energy-aware metrics for multihop routing, ns2 module, COPE-SITI-SW-13-06, 2013

Manuel De Souza and Waldir Moreira Junior, TECD router, SITI-SW-11-03, 2011

Waldir Moreira Junior, dLife v0.1: Opportunistic Routing based on Social Daily Routines, SITI-SW-11-06, 2011

Waldir Moreira Junior, dLife v1.0: Opportunistic Routing based on Social Daily Routines, SITI-SW-12-02, 2012

Waldir Moreira Junior, Social-aware Content-based Opportunistic Routing Protocol (SCORP), SITI-SW-13-01, 2013





Waldir Moreira Junior, Paulo Mendes and Susana Sargento, Social-aware Opportunistic Routing Protocol based on User's Interactions and Interests, in: in Proc. Adhocnets 2013, Barcelona, Spain, 2013

Waldir Moreira Junior and Paulo Mendes, Routing in Opportunistic Networks, chapter Social-aware Opportunistic Routing: The New Trend, Springer Verlag, 2013



Standardization Contributions

Antonio Oliveira Junior and Rute C. Sofia, Energy-awareness metrics global applicability guidelines, draft-ajunior-energy-awareness-01, IETF individual draft (working group proposal ROLL), 2014.

Waldir Moreira Junior, Paulo Mendes, Ronedo Ferreira and Eduardo Cerqueira, Opportunistic Routing based on Users Daily Life Routine, IETF draft draft-moreira-dlife-01, 2012.





Project UCR has received funding from the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia







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