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projeto FIESTA-IoT


projeto FIESTA-IoT
Mon, 18. September 2017
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O projeto FIESTA-IoT lançou o 4º concurso para financiamento a terceiros em domínios específicos, conforme exposto abaixo:


“DM1: innovative experiments in the domains of agriculture and/or maritime, aiming to integrate data from various testbeds, showing the added benefits that the FIESTA-IoT can provide in those domains.


DM2: innovative experiments with respect to energy consumption at data centers and indoor industrial/home environments.


DM3: experiments expanding the services provided by FIESTA-IoT, i.e. for assessing the quality/trustworthiness of the data provided by the testbeds, for predictive analytics, location based services or for virtualization on top of the FIESTA-IoT platform. It is important to highlight the use of semantics within the FIESTA-IoT Platform and the need for proposed modules to exploit this characteristic.


 The FIESTA-IoT project will give priority to proposals that will target one of the above mentioned domains, but also welcomes proposals in the other domains of the project (i.e. smart building, smart city, home automation, environmental monitoring), leveraging on the data that originate from the project’s testbeds.”


 O folheto em anexo inclui um resumo deste concurso e mais informação pode ser encontrada no site do projeto FIESTA-IoT para este concurso: http://fiesta-iot.eu/index.php/opencall/


A deadline termina a 18 de setembro às 17h (hora local em Bruxelas).






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