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NEMPS-Workshop of the 2nd semester 2017


NEMPS-Workshop of the 2nd semester 2017
Fri, 23. June 2017
Organized Events


PhD Students: 

Andres Mrad

Francisco Melo

Helder Valente

José Faísca

Liliana Inocêncio

Preyesse Arquissandás

Pervasive Communication Systems 
Complex Systems
Thesis Work
The Agenda of this Workshop is as follows:

14h00 - 15h00: Pervasive Communication Systems - Chair: Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

Liliana Inocêncio Carvalho, "Leveraging proximity sensing to mine the behavior of museum visitors"

  • • Helder Valente, " TCP/ICN: Carrying TCP over Content Centric and Named Data Networks" 
• Andres Mrad Ricaurte, "iFrame: Dynamic indoor map construction through automatic mobile sensing"

15h00 - 16h00: Complex Systems - Chair: Prof. Dr. Paulo Mendes

• Liliana Inocêncio Carvalho, “Dynamics of Social-aware Pervasive Networks"

  • • Helder Valente, " Temporal Connectivity of Vehicular Networks: the Power of Store-Carry-and-Forward"

• Andres Mrad, "Small World Based Cooperative Routing Protocol for Large Scale Wireless Ad Hoc Networks"

16h00 - 16H30 : Coffee-break

16h30 - 17h30:  Thesis Work Chair: Prof. Dr. Paulo Mendes

• Liliana Inocêncio, “Pervasive Sensing in the Context of Social Well-Being" (Thesis Proposal)
• Helder Valente, “IoT Unified Communications in Smart Cities" (Thesis Proposal)
• Andres Mrad, " Game design for linguistic learning processes of impaired kids (Thesis Proposal)
• José Faísca, "Decentralized Semantic Identity" (Thesis)
• Preyesse Arquissandás, " Promoting well-being throught Augmented Reality Sensing Based Technology"
• Francisco Melo Pereira, "Inferring Individual Behaviour in Urban Daily Activities, from Mobile Phone Traces" (Thesis)




Room U.02



03.2019: Accepted Paper, European Control Conference 2019

Henry, D.; Cieslak, J.; Colmenarejo, P.; Branco, J.; Santos, N.; Serra, P.; Telaard, J.; Strauch, H.; Giordano, A. M.; De Stefano, M.; Ott, C.; Reiner, M.; Jaworski, J.; Papadopoulos, E.; Visentin, G.; Ankersen, F.; Fernandez, J.G.Model-based fault diagnosis and tolerant control: the ESA’s e.Deorbit mission

03.2019: Accepted paper, MDPI Future Internet 2019, Special issue on ICN

Sofia, Rute C.; Mendes, Paulo. An Overview on Push-based Communication Models for Information-Centric Networking

02.2019: New IRTF ICNRG draft

Mendes, Paulo; Sofia, Rute C.; Tsaoussidis, Vassilis; Diamantopoulos, Sotiris; Borrego, Carlos; Borrel, Joan; Sarros, Christos-Alessandros. nformation-centric Routing for Opportunistic Wireless Networks.

01.2019: Accepted paper, Sensors 2019, Special Issue on Wireless Location Tracking

Stankovic, S. S.; Stankovic, Milos; Johansson, Karl H.; Beko, Marko. On Consensus-based Distribution Blind Calibration of Sensor Networks

11.2018: Rute C. Sofia becomes Associate Editor of IEEE Access

11.2018: Accepted paper MDPI Sensors 2018, Special Issue on Wireless Location Tracking

Correia, Sergio; Beko, Marko; Cruz, Luis A. da Silva; Tomic, Slavisa. Elephant Herding Optimization for Energy-Based Localization

11.2018: Accepted paper Sensors 2018, Special Issue on Wireless Location Tracking

Tomic, Slavisa; Beko, Marko. Target Localization via Integrated and Segregated Ranging Based on RSS and TOA Measurements

11.2018: Results of the CEEC/COPELABS/JUNIOR2018: Prof. Dr. Pedro Sá Costa admitted.

10.2018: Rute C. Sofia becomes an IEEE Senior member

10.2018: Invited Talk: Cooperative wireless networking: Research challenges, P. Mendes, @LakesideLabs, University of Klagenfurt, Austria

09.2018: Accepted paper, ACM ICN 2018

P. Mendes, R. Sofia, V. Tsaoussidis, S. Diamantopoulos, J. Soares,Information-centric routing for opportunistic wireless networks. InProc. ACM ICN 2018, Sep. 2018.

09:2018: Accepted paper, IEEE WiMob

09.2018:C-BRAINs 2018/2019

C-BRAINS for 2018/2019 are out!

07.2018: Ciencia 2018

People-to-people Communication in Emergency Scenarios, P. Mendes, R. Sofia, M. Tavares, O. Aponte

06.2018: UMOBILE project

POC2 - information-centric communication in opportunistic scenarios, P. Mendes, M. Tavares, O. Aponte, R. Sofia, J. Soares


UMOBILE Demo in Italy, Umbria

04.2018 Accepted Book Chapter

 Rute C. Sofia, Liliana I. Carvalho., Francisco de Melo Pereira, Samrat Dattagupta.The Role of Smart Data in Inference of Human Behavior and Interaction. Book chapter. "Smart Data: State-of-the-Art and Perspectives in Computing and Applications".

03.2018 IRTF draft DABBER

Information-centric Routing for Opportunistic Wireless Networks





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