PI: Rute C. Sofia

The Proxemics Data Lab (PDLab, 2017-2018) is an interdisciplinary COPELABS project funded by FCT (UID/MULTI/04111/2016) and which is focused on exploring proxemics aspects (physical and psychological proximity) in the context of behavior, quality of living, and well-being. By proxemics it is meant the analysis and evaluation of human interaction as well as human organizational aspects in daily life and routines.

PDLab outcome concerns traces and studies/experiments focused on physical and psychological nearness and proxemics patterns; mobility patterns and its relation towards spaces; potential behavioral measures as well as other indicators relevant to promote different aspects of well-being and quality of living.

The PDLab integrates two main areas of focus:

- Behavior inference aspects via mobile crowd sensing systems, developed by COPELABS/ULHT

- Crowd and group behavior analysis/mobility and use of spaces, developed by the participating unit HEI-Lab/ULHT


This project is supported by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (2016-2018) and by COPELABS, University Lusófona.