BEING is focused on investigating and creating pervasive wireless sensing solutions in order to support the development of large-scale personalized sensing systems where sensorial data may be collected and shared based on people’s social behaviour and interests.

In order to target the most important challenges of devising large-scale personal sensing systems, this project aims to investigate and develop a pervasive wireless sensing framework able of leveraging cooperative sensing, data and context gathering. In the proposed framework, only people with strong similarities share training data: a wide range of affinity networks (e.g., proximity networks, online social networks, conversation networks) indicates different types of interpersonal similarities. The proposed framework will make use of these different networks to determine an affinity graph that quantifies the similarity between users, identifying opportunities for effective sharing.

BEING has the following main objectives:

  • Objective 1: To assist in the development of pervasive sensing middleware capable of supporting large-scale studies and of stimulating social interaction.

  • Objective 2: Development (Proof-of-concept, technology readiness level 4) of a software suite to run in devices in a cooperative way. BEING aims to create a software suite running in cooperative devices to train robust personalized models with a reduced user intervention by carefully sharing data between users with whom they share strong social ties.

  • Objective 3: Pursuit of large-scale studies in different environments (e.g. 1 school; 1 city ). The BEING proof-of-concept shall be tested by considering different environments, namely, 1 campus, 1 high school, as well as within cities.


BEING work plan is split across 6 Work Packages for a lifespan of two years:

  • WP1 – Project Management and Scientific Coordination
  • WP2 – High-Level BEING framework and demo scenarios
  • WP3 – Contextual Engine Specification, development and validation
  • WP4 – Inference Engine, Specification and Validation
  • WP5 – Proof-of-Concept, concerns the development of the BEING proof-of-concept, technology readiness level 6
  • WP6 - Dissemination and Exploitation, covers the scientific dissemination activities as well as promotion of results. Specific activities are listed in the respective activity.