Systemic Lisbon Battery (2013-2016)

SLB: Systemic Lisbon Battery



The Systemic Lisbon Battery (SLB) is a virtual reality online platform  that consists of a small town populated with digital robots. This virtual town includes several buildings arranged in eight square blocks, a 2-room apartment, and a mini-market in its vicinity, in both of which participants are able to move freely around and to grab objects. The platform was developed using Unity 2.5.

SLB 1.0 was developed to assess cognitive functions of impaired populations through behavioural tracking while they are performing activities of daily living. The following activities are available: morning hygiene, dressing, preparing breakfast, watching news on a TV set, shopping, going to the pharmacy or attending to an art gallery (Figure 1). These tasks are aimed to assess and train the cognitive functions, such as memory and attention, planning and reasoning abilities, which may be involved in each of these activitie




The Team



The core team of the Systemic Lisbon Battery  is composed by:




Systemic Lisbon Battery Demo, Workshop on Social Technologies, Caldas da Rainha





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