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E-mail: jose dot rogado at ulusofona dot pt
José Rogado is a Senior Researcher at COPELABS, SITI, and an Associate Professor at ULHT where he heads the Informatics Department. He holds a Computer Engineering by Universidade Técnica de Lisboa(UTL), BEng from IST in Electronic Engineering.

He was  an Invited Researcher at INRIA in the area of Operating Systems development and File System performance optimization.





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Research Statement

Teaching Statement





2004     Equivalence to Portuguese Doctoral Degree, in Computer Engineering by Lisbon Technical University (UTL)


1985     PHD in Information Systems, Université Pierre et Marie Currie VI, France


1981     Master in Information Systems ( Computer Architecture) , University Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, France


1976     Degree in Electronic Engineering, Lisbon Technical University (UTL)




Working Experience

2005               Associate Professor, Lusófona University, Communication, Visual and Information Technology (ECATI)
2005               Invited Professor, Algarve University, Science and Technology Department  
2003 - 2005     Technical Manager, Critical Software  
2002 - 2003     Technical Manager, Vertical Solutions, Oniway  
2000 - 2001     Technology Consulting Manager, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Portugal  
1997 - 2000     Director, Link Consulting  
1990 - 1997     Senior Research Engineer, Open Software Foundation Research  Institute, Grenoble, France  
1988 - 1990     Senior Engineer, GIPSI, S.A.

1984 - 1988     Invited Research, InstituteNational de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA)


Main Research Interests

  • Security
  • Federated Identity Management
  • Parallel Computing
  • Virtualization



Current Projects

  • Virtlab Project: a framework for modular and configurable  virtual network laboratories that can utilized inside a campus or in the context of e-learning federations.

Some Previous Projects

2005 - 2009, Lusofóna University: Implemented Laboratories Environments for Computing Engineering Graduate and Post-Graduated Courses in Operating Systems, Networking, Security, Distributed and paralell Computing (

2005, Lusófona University: High Levels Requirements and Systems Architecture Specifications for the Lusófona University Mobile Portal (kusco@lusofona), giving acess to academic information ( this project won a reference in the Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise 2005 contest organized by Optimus and Diário Económico)

2004, Portugal Telecom: High Level Requirements and Systems Architectures Specifications for the SAPO portal Single Sign-On platform(, based on Identity Federation Standards (SAML)

2003, Critical Software: High Level Requirements and Systems Architecture Specifications based on the ISO/IEC 10746 standard " Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing" (RM-ODP) and UML, within the Ground System Software European Technology Harmonization Project, on contract with the European Space Agency (ESA)


For an up to date version of this list, please check COPELABS Scicommons

Conference Publications/Communications

2010     "Building Virtual Laboratories in Federated Environments", Faísca, J.; Rogado, J.Q.; International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Madrid, Spain, November 2010

2009     "Virtlab: Virtual Laboratories in Federated Environments", J. Quintino Rogado, V International  Conference on Multimedia, Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Lisboa, Portugal, April 2009

2005      "Technology Harmonization - Reference Architecture for the Ground Segment Software", N. Duro, F. Moreira, J.Rogado, J. Reis, 2005 IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, USA, March 2005


2010    " A Web Appliance Implementation: Reducing and Securing Network Traffic in a virtual Laboratory Environment", Gomes, J.Q.; Carvalho, T.; Faísca

2010     " An Authentication Broker for Virtual Laboratories", R. Malta, J. Faísca, J. Rogado, INTED2010 International Technology , Education and Development Conference, Valencia, Spain, March 2010

2001      "Arquitectura de Sistemas: Uma Metodologia para a construção de Sistemas Informáticos", May 2001, Comunicação Interna da Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

2000      " An Authentication Protocol for Mobile Devices", P. Alves, P. Ferreira, J. Rogado, P. Simões, First Portuguese Workshop on Mobile Computing, Tomar, November 1999, e International Workshop on Internet 2000, Taipei, Taiwan, April 2000

1996      "A simple File Buffer Cache using Mach Virtual Memory", OSF-RI Symposium, Boston, January 1996

1995      "Performance Improvements on the HP Precision Architecture Server", OSF-RI Symposium - Boston, April 1995

1994      "HPUX-CM: an HP-UX Compability Module for the HP-PA OSF/1 server", Document OSF, October 1994

1993      "A Prototype File System for the Cluster Operating System", Document OSF, September 1993

1992      " A Stawman Proposal for the Cluster Project", Document OSF, September 1992

1991      "Le Serveur OSF/1: Une Architecture dún Terminal Graphique", Conferências Técnicas da Convenção UNIX 90 - Paris 1990

1990      "Le Serveur OSF/1: Une Architecture Modulaire à base de Micro-Noyau", Conferências Técnicas da Convenção UNIX 91 - Paris 1990

1986      "Yet Another Port of NFS on a System V based Workstation", Conferência da European UNIX User Group (EUUG) - Manchester 1986

1985      "Optimisation des Performances Disque sous SMX", Journées SM90 - Versailles 1985






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