CitySense Large-Scale Sensing in Urban Scenarios (2012-2016)

COPELABS coordination: Paulo Mendes


This project aims at developing a novel urban opportunistic sensing system able to augment the user daily experience based on the intelligent analysis of sensorial data opportunistically collected and shared over a large set of personal devices. This project has three building blocks: i) methods and algorithms for the analysis of data collected by distributed pervasive devices; ii) augmented user experience and usability; iii) data sharing systems able to support users’ privacy while taking advantage of available social networking platforms.



  • Duration: 2012-2016
  • Funding: internal
  • Team:Paulo Mendes (coordination), Rute Sofia (2012-2016), Luis Lopes (2012-2016), Waldir Moreira (2012-2016), Pallavalli Reddy (2015-2016), Saeik Firdose (2015-2016), Miguel Tavares (2016-2017), Omar Aponte (2017)




  • Tavares, M.; Saeik, F.; Sofia, Rute C.; Mendes, Paulo, NSense v2.0. COPE-SITI-SW-16-07, 2016
  • Saeik Firdose, Luis Amaral Lopes, Waldir Moreira, Rute C. Sofia and Paulo Mendes, NSense v1.0, COPE-SITI-SW-16-02, 2016
  • Saeik Firdose, Luis Amaral Lopes, Waldir Moreira, Rute C. Sofia and Paulo Mendes, USENSE v1.0, COPE-SW-15-01, 2015







Theses and Dissertations:


  • Ricardo Barbosa, Sensing Middleware: Collect and Share (MSc Dissertation), COPELABS / ECATI - University Lusofona, 2012.
  • Nelson Morais, Prototyping an Information Centric Architecture for Opportunistic Networks (MSc Dissertation), COPELABS / ECATI - University Lusofona, 2014. 
  • Macaba Pedro, Personalized Sensing System, MSc dissertation, COPELABS / ECATI, University Lusofona, 2014.














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