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NDN-Opp: an NDN Opportunistic Framework


NDN-Opp: an NDN Opportunistic Framework
COPELABS is specifying and investigating how to extend NDN to be applicable in the context of opportunistic wireless environments. The NDN framework for Opportunistic Networks (NDN-Opp) is being developed aiming to support opportunistic data forwarding based on users’ interests and their dynamic social behavior.


NSense presented in IEEE Healthcom2016


NSense: A People-centric, non-intrusive Opportunistic Sensing Tool for Contextualizing Social Interaction

The scientific paper NSense (Rute C. Sofia, Saeik Firdose, Luis Amaral Lopes, Waldir Moreira and Paulo Mendes) has been accepted in IEEE Healthcom 2016 (September 14th-18th, Munich). NSense is a software tool developed by COPELABS that tracks and infers social interaction aspects in the form of computational utility functions that aim at describing two indicators of interaction: propinquity, and social interaction level.

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