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COPELABS Technical Retreat 2015


COPELABS Technical Retreat 2015
Thu, 12. November 2015 - Fri, 13. November 2015


2015 Technical Retreat THEME: COPELABS in a Human-Centric Internet – Interdisciplinarity concerning Social Isolation and Group Formation


When: November 12th, 13th 2015

Where: CoWork Lisboa, LxFactory,

Rua Rodrigues Faria 103, LxFactory - Edifício I - 4º Andar, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal

What: to strengthen/improve group sinergies; prepare 2015 involving all of the team.


Day 1: COPELABS team ONLY;

Day 2: Open session, general public; students; companies ---- REGISTER IN EVENTBRITE

How to get there:

·         We are organizing transportation from COPELABS to LxFactory

·         Bike  (Best option: Campo Grande – Parque Belavista – Parque das Nações – Terreiro do Paço – Belém – Alcântara), circa 50m.

·         Car (you can park inside LxFactory) – 9 km from Campo Grande

·         All options

·         Public Transportation:

o   Bus 738 Campo Grande to Calvário (39m), every 20m

o   Subway yellow line, Campo Grande to Marquês, then bus 732 or 756 to Calvário


Transport: further information will be given shortly.


Contact: Anabela Moura,





Day 1: November 12th 2015, 9h30-20h -- TEAM ONLY

09:30-12:30: Brainstorming sessions

12h30 – 13h30 - Lunch break (at Lx factory’s facilities)

13h30 – 15h30 - Brainstorming Sessions


15h30 – 15h45 - Coffee break(at Lx factory’s facilities)

15h45 – 18h00 - Global Roadmap Presentation Sessions


18h00 - …….Social Event – Party and Dinner – to be announced

Day 2: November 13th 2015, 9h30-13.30 (Lunch included) - General public - OPEN SESSION

9h30 – 12h30 - Open Session: COPELABS Demos

o    Early Innovation

o    Projects

§  SLB

§  CitySense

o    Technology Transfer

§  Ddicas

§  Senception – PerSense, a personal-cloud family safety platform


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SITI - Informatics Systems and Technologies Group

SITI w400SITI is focused upon user-centric trends that are emerging in several fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), OSI Layers 2 and 3. As in other grassroots movements, the user will have an active say concerning services provided and consequently, concerning the techno-social environment that surrounds him/her.

CTIP - Technology Intensive Psychology Group

CTIP w400This group is based (i.e. integrated members) on a core of scientifically active researchers from the former CEPCA (Pedro Gamito, Jorge Oliveira, Rodrigo Brito, Paulo Lopes, and Ana Loureiro) 2 more recent PhDs (Cristina Camilo and Bárbara Gonzalez). Note, however, that the CEPCA team (team size, funding and indicators included in 5.) changed substantially since 2008, when it had 8 PhDs (of which only PG remains) and 5 groups. In 2011-13 the team grew to 14 integrated PhDs in 2-3 groups. By 2013, however, it was clear that the bulk of CEPCA output of international level (13 of the 14 indicators in table 5.) was the responsibility of the neurocognitive/cyber therapy-focused group, with only 3 PhD and 2 non-PhD members (PI: PG). The inevitable consolidation of CEPCA around this core group pointed to the desirability of joining forces with an informatics team – SITILABS – to create COPELABS as an interdisciplinary R&D unit (see Description of the R&D unit).

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