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Experimental Facilities



  • Psychological research lab, consisting of 4 soundproofed, light-controlled, and temperature-controlled rooms (3 with c. 6sqm each and 1 with c. 10sqm) with 4 pc’s, a virtual reality system, an eye-tracker, and psycho physiological measurement equipment. Participants’ reactions to stimuli can thus be measured on a range of visual-attention and physiological variables, as well as self-reports in on-screen questionnaires. In experiments involving virtual reality (VR), serious games (SG), or other visual or informational stimuli, participants are also exposed to either 2D or 3D stimuli, many of them interactive (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLqoWxHOoSQ from 0:44 for an illustration). The lab is equipped with a motion capture system designed to provide a more naturalistic interaction with 3D stimuli and VR environments. This system includes a 60’’ 3D TV set and Microsoft Kinect, 3 head-mounted displays, a bass shaker platform, a 3x2m translucent screen for image projection, and 2 projectors, which can be used to increase participants’ immersion and interaction in the 3D/VR environments. The lab is also equipped with a Tobii T60 Eye Tracking system (the cost of which accounts for almost 50% of FCT pluriannual financing in 2009) and a Biopac system

  • Contact: Pedro Gamito




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