COPELABS EVENTS, Unified Communications in IoT (H. Valente);


COPELABS EVENTS, Unified Communications in IoT (H. Valente);
Thu, 28. June 2018


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SITI team meeting is dedicated to the presentation ongoing PhD work, Unified Communications in IoT (H. Valente). 

Presenter: H. Valente, NEMPS PhD programme/ULHT


Title: Internet of Things Unified Communications in the Context of Smart Cities


Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is a definition that covers the inter-networking of connected cyber-physical systems. While initially focused on the development and interconnection of sensors and actuators, today IoT comprises all form of objects as well as: people. In the most recent definitions of Iot, humans, smart and embedded hardware, as well as software are becoming interconnected to collect as well as to exchange data

Hence, due to the need to make cities more efficient in their management of water resources, energy, waste treatment, there is a need to interconnect all systems in order to see the issues as a whole and not individually [7]. The rise of interconnectedness has created a redistribution of wealth and redefined the workforce for the future. Adding to such complexity, considering humans in the link requires a new technical approach to unified communications. Therefore, the IoT ecosystems play a vital role to gather rich sources of information from smart cities, with the main propose not only to collect data but also to analyze the data in real time through the data aggregation from the city pulse framework, based on identified indicators developed by the cities




•Contribute to a unified communications model in the context of Smart Cities

•De-constructthe heterogeneous context of communicactinons used on the ecosystem

•Integration of better intercommunication to a faster transformation



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