A Study for a Name-based Coordination of Autonomic IoT Functions - Scientific paper

09.2018, G. Asaamoning, P. Mendes, A Study for a Name-based Coordination of Autonomic IoT Functions. inProc. IEEE WiMob/MobiEdge 2018, Sep. 2018.

The Internet-of-Things represent a future trend of the Internet, in which massive numbers of net- worked objects are assumed to have the capability of sharing data collected through sensing activities. It is envisioned that such objects are not dedicated hardware modules embedded specific machines communicating via proprietary wired or wireless networks to dedicated soft- ware applications. On contrary, Internet-of-Things may have a more autonomic deployment, in which objects are autonomous and communicate via existing IP based networks. Due to its distributed nature, there is the need to rely on autonomic networking to improve the efficiency while reducing the operational costs of Internet-of-Things frameworks. This paper aims to provide a study about the best data plane to support Internet-of-Things, and an analysis about the best model to support its distributed autonomic behavior.