COPELABS in Ciência 2018

07.2018: COPELABS researchers participated in Ciência 2018 from July 2nd to July 4th. In addition to the regular stand, COPELABS presented a talk in the Smart Cities/Cidades Inteligentes Session (15h30m, July 4th), "People-to-people Communication in Emergency Scenarios", by P. Mendes, R. Sofia, J. Soares, M. Tavares, O. Aponte.

The H2020 UMOBILE opportunistic wireless communication has also been shown during July 4th, Pavillion 5, demos, via a demonstration of communication with intermittent Internet access, supported by the COPELABS application Oi! and by the novel routing protocol DABBER. These contributions have been developed by COPELABS in the H2020 UMOBILE project, grant number 645124.